Right after grad school, I felt the need to purge. Walked out with one suitcase, and a backpack. Lived on that for almost two years. When I bought a new shirt, I got rid of an old shirt. A new jacket for an old jacket, a new pair of jeans for an old pair. And truth be told, I felt I could strip even more, and eventually, I did. And I was completely fine. What a shocker! It’s crazy how little we really need and how liberating it is to be able to pack a backpack and go. Granted I only wear black clothes, which means I could be wearing the same two shirts (with the help of Febreeze) and no one would even know since I always look the same anyway! Haah!

I’m an engineer, writer, and amateur photographer. I write about what I know and what I’m trying to make sense of.

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