It’s difficult when the person you think will love and support you no matter what, betrays you before you even learn what it’s like to love or be loved. It’s not even a simple betrayal; it’s the kind of betrayal when the one betraying puts you against the rest of the world and plays the victim card before you even know what you did right or wrong. The worst of it all is that people… most regular people… don’t get it. The relatives don’t get it. The father who spent most of his days away, don’t get it. So here you are… left to your own devices to come up with excuses for your mother’s monstrosity, AND putting bandaid on your own injuries at the same time, wondering what an awful person you must be… and then you grow up all funky, and the same mother wonders why you’re such an ungrateful person. As though she isn’t the one who put you in this living hell.

I’m an engineer, writer, and amateur photographer. I write about what I know and what I’m trying to make sense of.

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