At the beginning of any major shift, things tend to get convoluted. That’s what’s happening right now. But regardless, this was a necessary shift. While many men (like yourself) have never intentionally hurt anyone or crossed the line (in an obvious way at least), there are others who do things and get away while thinking such actions are OK (and I’m talking about obvious actions here… like pinning down a girl and attempting to rape, or groping someone, or forcefully kiss someone…). I doubt women ever thought these were OK, they (we) simply put up with it because… patriarchy! And shame, and fear, and a lot of other emotions. I understand your frustration and I sympathize, believe me! But the hurt on this side is just too much. Are some people taking advantage of this? Yes. But even so, the movement is necessary. And hopefully, after some time have passed, instead of your prediction of people not paying enough attention to the real problems, people will instead settle at a new standard of what’s right and what’s wrong and where the line should be.

I’m an engineer, writer, and amateur photographer. I write about what I know and what I’m trying to make sense of.

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