We’re in a complicated relationship

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Allow me to give you a little background first. You see, I live in a small bedroom in a house with three other roommates living in three other small bedrooms. Suffice it to say that I do not have a lot of space. I also hate clutter. I had aced the KonMari thing before Marie Kondo made it a thing. If you stepped inside my bedroom, you couldn’t tell that I loved sniffing books. I had a handful of them, of which about 90% were textbooks. If I told you that I had read every single book by Haruki Murakami…

Whiny attention seekers be damned

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Recently, I came across an article where the writer went on and on, at great length, about how disappointing it was to find out that one of their favorite writers here on Medium doesn’t read or respond to comments.

They had recently left a heartfelt comment on a piece written by this writer, only to realize later it hadn’t even been read!

How awful it is that they do not read comments left by their fans? How could they be so “ungrateful?”


Those words don’t write themselves

I know you want my attention, Sally, and no amount of writing will satiate your thirst for…

It is better to start small than fail big

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Last month, a nutrition and diet blogger with a five-month-old blog scheduled a Zoom consultation with me with hopes for guidance and, what I gathered, validation of her ideas. She was writing blog posts every week. She had less than 20 unique visitors a day and not even 50 email list subscribers. She had already outlined a nine-module online course to be sold for a few hundred dollars. When I asked her how she planned on selling the course, she had no idea. In short, she was all over the place with no plan of action.

This is a common…

Is Medium turning 360 degrees? Is it going back to its golden ages when writers could publish three or four articles a week and within half a year they could…


It required three years of patience and commitment in the time of drought

A man sitting on a couch is excited, pumping his fist in the air while talking on the phone.
A man sitting on a couch is excited, pumping his fist in the air while talking on the phone.
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I just made over $4K in four days. All I did was write four emails. Allow me to show you exactly what I did.

But first, let me make it clear to you that it didn’t happen overnight. I didn’t just fall upon a pile of riches.

With that out of the way, let’s dive in.

I started a blog in June 2018 and made peanuts for a whole year

It wasn’t until after a whole damn year that I finally made over $1K within a single month from my blog, using affiliate marketing. …


The words come naturally when you start writing for yourself

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I started my blog a couple of years ago. And ever since then, the overachiever in me has been dreaming of climbing the freelance writer ladder. In my head, it looked something like this:

  • Publish an article a day on Medium for a month.
  • Get accepted as a writer on Medium owned publications to multiply my income.
  • Publish politically and racially charged op-eds on Bitch, HuffPost, Splice Today, The Guardian, Slate… etc.
  • Get noticed by an editor of The New York Times and become a regular columnist.

The end.

To give you a little background, I’m an electrical engineer. My…

There are plenty of quotes to go around from leaders and inspirational figures who all suggest the same thing. You cannot expect your life to change if you continue to…

Privilege isn’t an excuse to turn a blind eye to responsibilities

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When someone says that they won’t vote, I can usually place them into one of two categories.

The first category breaks my heart. Often they are marginalized people who mean well but likely do not have all the information or understanding of what’s at stake. They’re too busy providing for their families to sit down and read up on policy proposals by one candidate or the other, who, very often, fail to deliver once they do assume their roles.

Then there’s the second category. Often they are young people who have grown up in privileged households, and honestly, they just…

What a bunch of bull

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Here’s the thing about life. It’s complex.

And here’s the thing about love. It’s complicated and often misunderstood.

I mean, I get it. All those stories about unicorns and Prince Charming on a white horse we read as teenagers messed up our priorities real good. But hey, we can unlearn the crap and relearn the true meanings of words, feelings, and emotions, yeah? After all, that’s what it means to be an adult!

So, where do I even begin?

Let’s start with a conversation I overheard at the coffee shop a few blocks down the road from where I live…

It came from my own people.

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Call me sheltered or privileged or naive, but although I knew the word “racism”, I never really knew what it was until I witnessed it first hand.

In my defense, I grew up in a tiny country in Southern parts of Asia where everyone more or less looked like me. Later when I came to the US, I got lucky. I met amazing people from all parts of the world, and my friend circle in college comprised of a wonderfully diverse group of people.

America? Racist? Naah!

And then I went to Toronto to visit my aunt, her family, and…


I’m an engineer, writer, and amateur photographer. I write about what I know and what I’m trying to make sense of.

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